USB Headphones Is Mini-Jack? Bluetooth Headsets

Viewers often ask me if I choose a headset on a USB, and maybe better buy a slightly cheaper model on the Mini-Jack + sound card?

The choice is not easy, there are many good headset on the market, both on USB and Mini-Jack.

Since I have had the opportunity to test many of these devices, I will share with you my observations.

Basic sound source

The first factor affecting sound quality is the computer’s sound system.

Affordable motherboards generally only have Realtec’s built-in basic sound system, which delivers average sound quality.

Much better sound is able to provide Realtec 1150 chips for use on more expensive motherboards, especially for gamers.

They also often have a headphone amplifier that increases the quality and detail of the sound.

The ideal solution is a separate sound card, the leading manufacturers are Asus, with its Xonar series, and Creative, the manufacturer of Sound Blaster cards.

The basic models we buy for $30- $50, the better is the expenditure of $100 up.

External audio systems, audio amplifiers and DACs are also available.

The difference is that we do not mount them on the motherboard rails, and connect to the computer through a USB port.

Prices for such systems start at around $30, with fairly decent models, as well as Asus and Creative, but there are still some major brands, such as FiiO.

Budget Smartphones For Schools – Starting at $100

So if you are a good sound system owner, or are planning to buy it, then I would definitely recommend a good 3.5 mm mini jack.

It does not make sense to pay extra for the audio in the headphones, since our computer hardware will handle it perfectly. Here is my page – click this link now. Most of this type of sound card can also convert stereo to multi-channel audio.

If you are looking for a headphone for $50, you may want to check out models such as:

Superlux HD 681 – comfortable and very good playing headphones, suitable for computer games and music.

Bloody G500 – great looking, solid and inexpensive headphones for decent stereo sound.

Hama uRage Explode – comfortable and lightweight headphones for players, they play really well in their price class

More demanding players will be interested in such models as:

Logitech G230 – Very comfortable and solidly crafted stereo headphones for great sound for games and music

Hyper X Cloud – brilliant headphones, one of the best in class, they are able to satisfy the most demanding listeners and players, great for listening to music and games, are very comfortable and made with attention to detail

These are just some of the models worth the attention. More interesting suggestions can be found in our other guides.

Headphones on uSB – that is 100% independence

USB headphones give us great comfort because we do not need any additional equipment.

All you have to do is plug in and you can enjoy high quality sound.

Very often the headphones connected via USB have additional features:

– Better microphone than the headphones with 3.5mm mini jack

– Illuminated components, USB port for adding backlight and effects

– Software – we can eg change the equalizer’s sound settings, change the color of the backlight

USB headphones I do not recommend to people with good quality audio systems on the computer, because it makes no sense to pay twice for a similar effect. On the other hand buying a headset on a USB I strongly recommend to people with laptops or computers with only a simple sound system.

For most such handsets, the sound will be better.

Pretty good models can be purchased for a price of around $40, these are:

Genius HS-G450- lightweight and comfortable headphones with multi-channel sound

Bloody G501 – An advanced version of the Bloody G500, which delivers virtual sound

Genius Zabius – a massive headset with good sound and a great microphone

Or maybe a hybrid?

There is also a third solution that provides a compromise between connecting via a 3.5mm mini jack and a USB connection.

If you can not decide, then such handsets will be perfect.

There are a lot of headset where the cable ends with a 3.5mm Mini-Jack plug, and the set comes with an additional USB adapter, independent sound system.

The solution is so good that with the Mini-Jack 3.5 mm you can use the headset to connect to your smartphone and tablet, and you can use the USB adapter for your computer to enjoy better sound in games.

One of the most interesting in this class is the handset:

Logitech G430 – twin model with G230, but with virtual sound and microphone noise reduction

Hyper X Cloud II – Enhanced version of the brilliant Hyper X Cloud headset, enhanced with an additional USB sound card, for powerful and clear sound.

In this guide I described the differences between individual handsets and layouts, and you can also check the exact price of the proposed headset in partner stores.

To summarize briefly: 3.5mm mini-jack headphones I recommend to people with high-end sound cards, amplifiers, DACi in the computer.

For laptop and desktop users with basic sound systems, built into the motherboard, I strongly encourage you to buy a USB headset that can deliver better sound.

For undecided I leave hybrid headphones with both types of connections. In most cases, such handsets work great in practice.